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Block Strike - a low-range action game designed for online shooters. The "weight" of the project has increased significantly since its release and has become a real set of gender options. Players can choose from 60 cards and 15 modes of various sizes and styles. These include classics and very original ones that will appeal to all fans who are tired of the same. Survive and defeat you will help 40 types of firearms and a good reaction. If so, then changes in appearance, barrel skins, etc. also diversify the process.

Block Strike is a dynamic first-person shooter in the Minecraft genre. Players can try 15 modes on more than 50 exciting cards.

One of the main features of this shooter is not graphic pixels, but the number of modes and a network that allows you to play with friends. You can choose from the following modes: team battle, arms race, limited survival on Earth, zombie fight and death race. Earn money, upgrade weapons, get a new skin for your character and become the only character.

Two classic joysticks are responsible for controlling the game. The left joystick allows you to move positions, the slide is responsible for rotation, and the right joystick is needed for aiming and shooting at enemies. There are also additional buttons for reloading, changing weapons, throwing grenades and using a first aid kit.

The developers have easily added to the game more than 40 unique weapons. There are pistols, semi-automatic pistols, machine guns, shotguns, machine guns, assault and sniper rifles, melee and melee weapons for melee. There are also several skins for the character, and each user can choose the option that interests him most.

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