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Chicken Gun is an unusual first-person shooter where you play a chicken and a chicken. This character is a very rare choice in this genre, so you will enjoy her original point of view, ideas, and her own great sense of humor. Players will find dozens of weapons, maps, mods and additional content that are updated regularly!

Game Features The game is almost entirely copied from classic first-person shooter games that focus on multiplayer warfare (such as the popular Counter-Strike). Players are given the following options:

Customization of external characters (hen or hen); Buy and use hero skins and weapons Choose a battle mode; Set the conditions for victory. Collaboration with friends in the lobby and private sessions; Variety of firearms.

Chicken Gun has both classic 5v5 competitive mode and fun puzzle solving options. The game is constantly being updated by the developers, so stay tuned for the latest updates.

strength and weakness profit: Low system requirements Russian presence Pret from Tiental Eure; Several players in the lobby.

scale down: There is no campaign story.

Chicken Gun is available for download in both the regular version and the mod with a built-in list of additional features. A separate setup block allows you to have an infinite amount of grenades or cartridges for your rifle. We recommend using this cheat only in single player or combat robot games. This way you won't let real people spoil the game!

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