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The most complete list of readings for CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive): cheats for weapons, wh (wall hacking), cheats, endless ammo and more.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - one of the most popular competitive shooters today. Large tournaments with prizes of tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars are regularly held in this area. The gameplay looks simple and straightforward. Players are divided into two teams, one of which becomes a terrorist, and the other takes on the role of a special forces unit. Each side has its own goals. Terrorists must plant bombs at specific points to detonate them, and police must clear mines of bombs or destroy all enemy personnel. After a certain number of rounds, the teams change places. However, despite the simple concept available, Counter-Strike is a rather complex game, and much depends on individual skills and teamwork. At higher ranks (see the article on ranks for all ranks in CS: GO) there is no longer a quick enough reaction to instantly hit an enemy’s head. Here’s what you need to know about proper grenade scattering, back pain and more. To do this, we recommend starting your own server, deploying console commands and practicing your strategy. Below we describe the methods of CS: GO cheating.

Teams are entered into the game using the developer console, so the first thing to do is go to the settings menu and find the section that is responsible for the parameters of the game. Check the box next to "Enable Developer Console" and feel free to start your own server. The console is called using the "tilde" key, which is also the Russian "E" key. Another option for Steam for a key owner license is to go to the game properties in the client application and add the line “-console” to the startup options. You must enter sv_cheats 1 before entering the command below. To prevent the cheat from being used again, enter the same code, but with a value of 0.

Chat novices often ask: Do you know what a cheating service is? An inexperienced striker will think. What match did he request? The command is simple: wx or wh (from Break the British Wall). All cheats include the ability to see opponents and other players through walls. I agree. This is a serious advantage! So this is called cheat code. So what do you need to activate the Wall-Hack cheat in Counter Strike: GO? First you need to give full permission to cheat. To do this, enter the command sv_cheats 1 in the console and then the command r_drawothermodels 2.

The above are the official console commands directly integrated into the game by the developers, allowing players to use them while playing with dedicated servers and bots. Of course, for most players this is virtually useless. You just need a way to gain an edge in the competitive mode. The master started his business and wrote special cheat programs with various useful properties. The most common are aiming (helps shoot enemies) and the lunar nucleus (looking through walls). Having one of these features increases the performance of the average player to the level of a shooter. However, there are some downsides to fraud that are worth noting. First, the Valve aren’t very diligent, but they’re still fighting scammers. Their anti-cheat feature prohibits people who want to use the software for a long time, sometimes forever. There are also so-called leagues that receive gameplay records from disgruntled players. If someone was "burned", they were easily convicted and banned. Second, attackers often disguise harmless cheats for computer games to hide viruses, keyloggers, and other malware that can steal logins / passwords and other personal information from your computer. Be careful with that.

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