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Online video games have become one of the most popular entertainment activities for young people around the world. Nowadays you don’t need a big computer or system to play online because it’s in your pocket in the form of Android games. Of all these online games, online Battle Royale games play an important role as billions of users around the world spend most of their time playing Battle Royale games. Most online Battle Royale games have released high-quality beta versions for Android devices, including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile), Call of Duty Mobile, Garena Free Fire, Fortnite and others.

Of all these games, Battle Royale PUBG Mobile has earned a great reputation for its quality graphics and diverse sets of mods, and the game is still growing every day. PUBG Mobile has evolved into the current 14 seasons with many updates in the form of new seasons every two months. While playing PUBG Mobile, you will continue to enjoy many features such as Battle Royale Pass, different types of trunks. Attractive weapon skins, 4 map types, 10 modes and more. So, read this article to get complete information about PUBG Mobile and its premium features.

PUBG Mobile - is a world-famous online game in the genre of fantasy shooting. PUBG, short for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, was inspired by the Japanese film “Royal Battle” and was released in December 2017. It was originally released only for PCs and larger consoles such as XBOX One, PS4, Nintendo, etc. However, after gaining immense popularity in March 2018 with the help of Chinese company Tencent, a game for Android was created to bring similar features and HD graphics to PCs around the world.

PUBG Mobile recorded more than 50 million downloads in the first year of its launch, and if you look at the statistics now, PUBG Mobile has over 100 million downloads. This is a huge scale. In addition to this you can also download an emulator called Gameloop to play PUBG Mobile on your PC and laptop. It offers an extensive collection of maps, modifications, weapons, costumes, special characters and almost all the tools needed to play in the royal battle.

Update APK Mobile Team Deathmatch PUBG Practice shows that when you play Battle Royale mode in PUBG, you start with a lobby of up to 100 players. Players descend from a parachute from a plane on one of four maps and land in their favorite places on the map. Once you land, you start looking for weapons, helmets, vests, shells, start looking for enemies and desperately try to be the last one standing on the whole map. The last living person will receive an inscription for Chicken Winner’s winning dinner, increase experience points and upgrade their rank. In this game the player level depends on the RP and the bronze level of the winner. This is a realistic game that comes with many modes and full features. So read the full article to learn more about the world of PUBG.

PUBG Royale Pass is like a paid PUBG update and offers a wide collection of special bonuses, frames, emotions, coins, character skins, weapon skins and more. The Royal Card costs INR 850.00 per month for high-end upgrades and INR 2,100.00 for additional high-end upgrades. There is a big difference between Elite and Elite Plus. The differences depend on the features, the number of properties and the advanced level. By default, the Elite Upgrade card includes a reward of 4,000 UC from the 1st rank, and the Elite Plus Upgrade includes a reward of 10,000 UC from the 25th rank. After completing the full mission of the Royal Card you will return. I spent your money. Therefore, each new season you must complete each given mission for a total of 8 weeks to earn the Royal Pass. All Royale Pass properties are updated every 2 months or 8 weeks for each session.

In addition to the Royal Pass, PUBG also has a membership membership fee that will give you access to a variety of assets that you can purchase for coins, also a free UC. The UC Prime membership brings coupons of up to 600 UC per week. All Prime members fall into two categories: the features you want to receive, and the number of UCs. Skins only for coins 85.00 INR. Friends Prime Plus costs INR 50.0 per month and can save more than 12 resources, most of all. By purchasing this membership you reach 600 UC per month, 10 RP points per day and free access to 20 more access so far Subscription Prime - this is the best way to get UC at a lower price with Royale Pass.

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game, an easy need for cards in this game. However, when it comes to the map, PUBG Mobile has survived, we will be able to offer 5 different maps: Erangel, Sanhokdi. Livik is a released PUBG Mobile card, which was the next few.

Update the APK PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch The second card is, ultimately, the beast of nature, Sanhok, which is obtained from more trees ok, gok. As the most card for players after Erangel, Sanhok has two important areas: Paradise Resort and Bootcamp. If you like raw and local terrain, you want this map just like that.

The world is a map of the desert, completely a dream is the desert, and it is the best sniper map. It is the most complete of all maps available in PU Mobile, and covers PUBG territory and elegant territory. If we talk about hot drops in this place, then at this time. You can get all the loot in everywhere. However, if you want to increase the number of homicides, you can choose Los Leon.

Vikendi is a full-fledged map on which you can get three types of road snow - a 4-month SUV - a snow bike and a conspiracy - and a basic snowboard. Map of two city districts: Good Place and Vol. If you love shooting snow maps, PUBG Mobile is the best choice for you.

The last and recently updated map is Livik. Released about two weeks ago, this card is the smallest card in all of PUBG mobile, it can be played in just 15 minutes and is perfect for short matches. A total of 60 players. This is a recently released card, released only in beta, so you will not find very good quality on it. Libik map has the following recently released features: Special car - Monster Truck Elite Arsenal - MK12 and P90

pubg mobile has many types of premium weapons. In PUBG Mobile you can find all categories of weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, handguns and machine guns. You can use different weapons in pubg mobile. We have listed all the important weapons along with their classes below

Assault rifles - M416, AKM, M762, Groza, AUG, SCAR-L and others. Guns - S686, S12K, Sawed-Off and S1897 Bolt Action sniper rifles - Karabiner 98 Kurz (Kar-98K), M24, AWM and Win-94 Sniper rifles - VSS, Mini-14, SKS, MK-14 and SLR Submachine gun - Vector, UZI, UMP-44, Tommy Gun, P90 Light machine guns - M249 and DP28 Pistols - Desert Eagle, P92, P1911, R1895, P18C, Scorpion and Flare Guns

You can also get various melee weapons from PUBG Mobile such as Mache, Crowbar, Sickle and PUBG Mobile. In addition to all these weapons, you can also get weapons with high-performance crossbow bolts. There is also a missile cannon where you can trigger supplies from the air and get great weapons such as AWM, M249, Groza, MK14, AUG and the recently added DBS. You can also contact the DMRS if you want a vehicle instead of a firearm outside the play area.

Matches in the arena are simple matches of 3-5 minutes. In arena matches, players are free to lay down their arms and get high scores through endless revivals in one moment to win the match. Basically, there are 4 types of arena matches: arena training, team battle to the death, dominance and assault.

Arcade Match is the first special mode in the PUBG mobile genre since the Royal Battle. These are all mini-games that can be completed in about 5-6 minutes and can provide instant fun. Arcade Match has three main game types: Warfare, Quick Match and Sniper Training. Sniper training consists only of sniper weapons. War is a game like AR, Snipers, SMG, and finally Quick Match is as simple as Battle Royale and lasts 5-6 minutes.

Playlab is a recently launched Evo Land Match that has two types of matches: Reggear and Payload. The RazzGear mod offers an endless restart where you get 1 point for every enemy tank destroyed and you need to destroy more vehicles to win the match. Payload is one of the best mods for PUBG Mobile. In this mode you will have the same Battle Royale interface as in the huge RPG weapon.

The game has four types of points or coins used to acquire many assets in PUBG. These 4 types of coins are gold coins, silver coins, integrated coins and the recently launched money-AG, which can be used to buy clothes and accessories from the PUBG Mobile exchange store if you do not have enough silver to store them. All coins paid by UC and unique coins that can be used to purchase most weapon skins, chests, royal cards and more.

One of the best features of PUBG Mobile is the internet interface and excellent interface. Online you can play and have fun with your friends in more than 10 modes. Maps and weapon skins will make you love this game and offer many modes, so you will never be bored playing this royal game.

At PUBG Mobile you will find a large selection of skins for the categories of weapons, parachutes, vehicles, dropped weapons and more. Most of these areas are paid for, so you must first pay UC to get this property. Also, if you are a member of PUBG Mobile Prime, you will get access to a party shop where you can buy amazing canvas rails with gold and silver coins. There are many other skins you can get to collect cool skins from the boxes of soldiers. You can also get lots of unusual weapon skins and emotions with Battle Pass when you purchase it. Download PUBG Mobile today, check out all the skins and choose the ones you like.

In addition to daily missions and Battle Royale missions, PUBG also has event missions that change daily with various events and updates. This event can help you collect cool weapon skins, AGs, silver coins, UC stock cards, chests of drawers, creative battle combos, character coupons and more. Sometimes most events are held for a UC, which basically helps to buy a UC at a lower price or offer larger items with a lower UC.

All major awards at PUBG are based on the seasons and annual holidays. When the season is updated or extended, you can complete certain missions to get a new list of rewards. You can also increase the rating for each season because there are many top-ranking awards, for example, the Ace class can be a parachute, the crown class can be a pistol skin, the diamond class can be the maximum amount of leather for clothing. In addition, PUBG celebrates its anniversary every year and offers several awards based on unique missions. So it can be said that the PUBG awards depend entirely on the seasonal mission.

You can earn UC through bonus matches for free. It all depends on your skill, because you have to join to get battle coins, you can exchange these coins for exclusive rewards. To do this, you can simply register as a member and buy a bonus voucher on call or participate in a live match through UC. In the "Rewards" section, you can redeem your battle points on UC sets, rifle skins, parachute skins, vouchers for additional rewards, and most backpacks and supply sets.

In addition to asset forms, PUBG is saturated with lots of emotions to entertain you. In the emotion collection, you get three free emotions at the beginning of the game: greeting, applause, thanks, a flying kiss and many extra emotions like laughter and no dancing. Foxtrot, Evil, et al. There is also an in-game voice messaging feature that allows you to talk to anyone who possesses genuine voice commands. You can use most commands like audit. I'm so sorry. Thanks. Return to your safe zone. etc.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is one of the best Battle Royale games since Fortnite. However, when it comes to monthly active users, the number of monthly online PUBG users is greater than that of Fortnite. We have also released a lighter version for those who have older phones with a lower configuration with two cards that are almost identical to the PUBG Mobile APK. Speaking of the latest update, PUBG has added a new map to the PUBG Mobile APK called Livik, which is a small map that can be used to rape about 60 players in just 15 minutes. Anyway, PUBG updates a lot of its resources every day, and I think it's the best Battle Royale game for mobile.

In addition, PUBG Mobile is a high-tech game with realistic graphics and many features. It's basically like an Open World game where you can equip weapons, arsenal, vehicles and more than in real life. Here, in this article, you will find a link to download PUBG Mobile which is 100% safe, free from bugs and viruses. Download it now, enjoy it or, if in doubt, leave a comment below and one of our experts will help you.

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