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To make the game more convenient, some cheats in World of Tanks install WoT cheats that perform certain functions. Some of them change the interface of the project, others give additional information in battle, the third is aimed at optimizing the client's tasks. We have put together a bunch of tools to help tankers get the results they want. If you need a good site with World of Tanks cheats, your search is over. We are constantly updating the content, adding new fixes and updating existing fixes so that they work after the official update of the game. Players can find the best cheats for World of Tanks that will change the game for the better. Each tool has a detailed description so you can learn more about its features. Screenshots and videos illustrate this in action. To find the right mod as quickly as possible, you can use a convenient search engine that instantly shows results on the most important issues. Below the name is a category of random mods where you will see a list of random forbidden mods. This allows players to learn and download various features they may not have known about. In the middle is the edit page, sorted by date added. The fashion preview includes image, title, date, version and section. This app allows you to know the purpose of the cheat mods without having to visit the page. To download the cheat, you need to open the relevant page and scroll down. There will be a download link. After clicking, the user will be redirected to the screen where the download begins. All the necessary software will be available on your computer in less than a minute. This part of the site contains prohibited mods for WoT. Game developers do not recommend using it because it gives a clear advantage over gamers. Individuals should use cheat mods and cheat configurations at their own risk and are not responsible for the results. If you suspect that your WG is using these edits, you can block them. We recommend that you use only approved mods.

In World of Tanks, many battles take place in open fields or in forests with a variety of vegetation and vegetation. The Tundra mod for World of Tanks is designed to allow players to remove all plant components to facilitate combat with enemy equipment. Although the trees and shrubs in the game are completely lost without damaging enemy tanks, they obscure your view, and this mod solves this problem.

Once the user downloads all the files in the game folder, he can use the program in the next battle in WoT and delete the plants using the keyboard shortcut specified in the special settings file. When you activate Tundra remove all trees, bushes and leaves from the map to improve your computer's performance and allow you to see all the enemy tanks hiding behind the vegetation. Players can aim and attack the weakest spot when they see the enemy, giving them an amazing advantage in combat and increasing their chances of defeating the enemy in direct combat. The fix includes the ability to turn on dark skies by disabling additional lighting effects to improve the look of the map. Players can also use the tundra mode to hide in unmarked trees, but are free to aim at enemies.

For easier aiming in World of Tanks, a 3-in-1 tundra trainer without leaves and vegetation is available. Removes all elements of vegetation from the map if they are set up correctly. This will increase the visibility of the tank and allow it to attack better when enemy vehicles try to hide behind trees. The software is an extended version of the Tundra modification.

After installing Tundra Trainer for WOT, players can choose one of the most convenient modes. All - remove all plant objects on the map to make it easier to see what is happening in your area, reduce the load on the computer and increase the FPS in the game. Trunks - on a vegetation map only trunks of trees, grasses, bushes and branches disappear. Purpose - this mod is the most convenient and versatile. Vegetation disappears only in sniper mode, so players can get accurate shots. vegetation completely

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